TrésoR® for Dogs

TrésoR® is a unique range of humid food for Dogs. Available in 4 gastronomic meals: Chicken, Duck, Turkey and Salmon.

TrésoR® is presented in luxurious golden aluminum cans of 100 and 150 grams. In France, we are very concerned about the quality of ingredients!

TrésoR® is 100% made in France, prepared with all the care we require in French gastronomy. Our nutritionists selected tender chunks of fresh meat. Delicately cooked, they are then enriched with vitamins E and B, and minerals essential for your dog’s health.

The appetizing look and perfect digestibility are ensured by the exclusive use of natural ingredients with no preservative agents. TrésoR® is produced with a total traceability, no beef meat and a 3 years stability guarantee.


 Dog up to 3kgDog from 3 to 7kgDog from 7 to 12kg
100g trays 3 per day 3 to 6 per day 6 to 9 per day
150g trays 1 to 2 per day 2 to 4 per day 4 to 6 per day

Energy values: 376.9KJ/100g or 90.3Kcal/100g

Thanks to TrésoR®, every day your dog’s culinary dreams will come true!